Saturday, July 02, 2005

How long will the wheel spin for???FIND OUT HERE!!!!

*YAWN* I guess you're here to try the wheel, right. Well, go ahead... spin as hard as you can. While you wait for it to stop spinning why not pull up a chair, make yourself a cup of hot dung and read a book or something.

The wheel can spin anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours!!!

Want to know just how long the wheel will spin for you???? Thanks to SALLYNKATY you can now find out!!! Just follow these simple instructions.

First you need to spin the wheel. Click HERE to start your spin.

Now that the wheel is spinning, you can find out just how long it will spin. This MUST be done in ANOTHER browser window(internet page).
Click HERE to open the Wheel of Monotony Spin Time page in a NEW window.
In a new browswer window, type in the following address:

On the Wheel of Montony Spin Time page, you will see ONE line of text with a number at the looks similar to this:

"server=Our records show that the wheel hasn't finished spinning!&timeleft=6767000"

Of course the number at the end will be different for everyone and everytime you spin.

Now to figure out the time left for spinning, you need to do some calculations, so get out that trusty calculator.

Take the number at the end of the line of text-in the example the number is 6767000-and remove the last THREE zeros at the end of it. That gives me 6767. Now take the 6767 and divide it by 60. That gives an answer of 112.78333. So that means I have 112.7 minutes, or 1 hour 52 minutes until the wheel will stop spinning.

Now that you know when the wheel will stop for you, you can decide if you have the time to wait for it to stop spinning or not.

Sometimes it will tell you your spin is done, but the wheel is actually still spinning. If this happens to you, go to your inventory-in another page other than the one with the whell spinning, and see if you have a prize. Most often you will. This happens to me quite a bit and I believe it has to do with the internet connection. If you have a prize, close or navigate away from the page that has the wheel spinning, you've got your prize, no need to wait.

Do NOT switch accounts while the wheel is spinning, if you do this you will get a message telling you "there are no records found for this account", and you will NOT get a prize..your spin is over and you have lost the neopoints paid to play.